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Version: v3

Host in your cloud

This guide introduces the delivery paths available for hosting Flatfile in your own cloud.

Delivery paths for the hosted solution

  1. Replicated - the easiest way to get started by installing our application in an existing Kubernetes cluster using KOTS
  2. Elastic Container Registry (ECR) - we provide container images via a private registry for those customers requiring a bespoke implementation

Required Infrastructure

A minimal Flatfile environment requires several components:

PostgreSQLPrimary application database for user and upload meta data
RedisIn-memory datastore used to manage asynchronous processing
Object storageBlob storage for persisting files; we support S3, MinIO, Azure and GCP
MySQLDatabase cluster for storing processed upload data

Receiving Updates

Releases are published to our Stable channel in Replicated automatically from source control daily (if there are application changes). Customers can configure their deployment cadence.

For customers using our ECR, updated images are published every 30 days at a minimum. These images are generally tagged as latest or with specific SHAs for beta features. Please reach out to Success for details on access to beta features.