Flatfile Spaces are micro-applications, each having their own database, filestore, and auth. Use Spaces to integrate Flatfile into your data exchange workflow, whether that happens directly in your application or as part of a currently offline process.

With Spaces, you can:


A Space is comprised of Workbooks, Files, Users, Documents, Themes and Metadata.


See API Reference

Workbooks object

A Space contains any number of Workbooks. Each Workbook is a Blueprint-defined database.

Add the label ‘pinned’ to your workbook to ensure it appears as the first workbook in the sidebar.

Files object

Files are uploaded directly to a Space.

Users object

By default, all global Admins in Flatfile have access to all Spaces. Additionally, you can configure a Space to allow for either temporary (shared_link) or named (magic_link) Guest Users.

Documents object

Documents are custom pages that are mounted on the Space and display in the sidebar of a Space in the order of their addition to the Space.

Theme object

Theming of Flatfile is controlled at the Space level. A comprehensive list of Theme options are available here.

Metadata object

Spaces can be created and updated with Metadata. This could include a company-specific identifier such as a UUID for use in API operations in the Space.