Sheet level access

default: "*"

With access you can control Sheet-level access for users.

"*" (default)

A user can use all access actions to this Sheet

Warning: If you use "*" access control, users will gain new functionalities as we expand access controls. Use an exhaustive list today to block future functionality from being added automatically.


A user can add a record(s) to the Sheet


A user can delete record(s) from the Sheet


A user can edit records (field values) in the Sheet


A user can import CSVs to this Sheet


If no parameters are specified in the access array, sheet-level readOnly access will be applied. No data can be added, edited, imported, or removed.

  "sheets": [
      "name": "Contacts",
      "slug": "contacts",
      "access": [
      // Define fields

Field-level access via readonly

On a field level you can restrict a user’s interaction with the data to readonly. This feature is useful if you’re inviting others to view uploaded data, but do not want to allow them to edit that field. See the example in context below:

"fields": [
    "key": "salary",
    "type": "number",
    "config": {
        "decimal_places": 2
    "readonly": true