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Each Flatfile is an independent micro-application. This allows you to leverage Spaces in a collaborative onboarding project between your services team and your customers. This guide covers how to configure and use Flatfile to run consistent, high-quality data onboarding.

How it works

Flatfile maintains and enforces your definition of quality data, and each Space acts like an escrow for data before you import that data. With these two fundamental concepts, you can design a data onboarding experience that your customers - and your services teammates - love.

Enforce data quality with Blueprint

Using , you can design a schema and rules for each onboarding project. Blueprints are reusable across Workbooks, meaning that if you have a strict target schema, you’ll only need to create the Blueprint once to use it across your entire customer base. Additionally, you can modify a Blueprint upon the space:created Event if your customers have some customization ability in your application. Finally, you may want to create a onboarding project Space with a bespoke Blueprint. In that case, simply pass the Blueprint to the Space once it is created using the .

Configure your Space and Blueprint for collaboration

You will want to create an with magic_link authorization, which will allow members of your services team and your customers to invite others to a Flatfile Space created in that Environment. You can also your Space to match your brand’s look and feel, creating a seamless experience for your customers. Finally, you may also wish to control how members of the Space interact with Workbooks. This can be done via Workbook-specific , as well as via setting .

Launch onboarding projects

Once you’ve configured the appropriate Blueprint(s) and Space, you’ll simply need to create a Space with those configurations to begin running data onboarding projects. This can happen directly from the appropriate Environment in the Flatfile dashboard by clicking “Add Space” in the top-left. Additionally, you could choose to create Spaces directly via the Flatfile API and invite Guests to those Spaces (also via API).

Additional paths

To find the additional Flatfile integration paths that may work better for your business, explore our other use cases: